Tilgent Professional Services offers a wide range of technology services to support our client*s requirements.

Applications Development
Our Investment Services provide access to a comprehensive set of International secure, high return investment portfolios.

Customer Support
Our Venture Services provide the means to plan, organize, finance and execute business ventures among teams of our clients and consultant professionals.

Systems Engineering
Our Incorporation Services enable our clients to establish Offshore legal structures for maximum privacy, confidentiality, tax planning and operational options.

Systems Planning
Our Commerce Services provide a comprehensive set of services to support business effectively and efficiently in International markets.

Project Management
Our Finance Services offer our clients a complete array of business finance options to insure profitable growth and expansion globally.

Technical Consulting
Our Agreement Services provide many services to insure good agreements Offshore that include legal, negotiation, research, due diligence and so on.

Experienced Professionals. Our services are performed by teams of highly experienced professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines -..........

Practice Focus. We segment our services into specific Practices or Lines of Business to concentrate on providing value-added services based ...........................

Account Management. We focus on the client by managing all of our services by Account Managers who are responsible for achieving results and client satisfication.


Tilgent Professional Services


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