Tilgent Professional Services is able to grow rapidly, provide a wide range
of advanced technology services by working closely
with a team of world-class partners.


Systems Integrators
We work closely with Systems Integrators who specialize in making advanced system components work together as a whole.

Telecom and Network Suppliers
Telecom and Network Suppliers give us and our clients a global reach in developing advanced cloud communications systems.

Hardware Suppliers
Hardware Supplier provide our professionals support for server systems, SANS, firewalls, routers to busild and support the most advanced systems.

Hosting Suppliers
Hosting Suppliers provides our customers with sercure, high available Internet hosting facilities for the most advanced systems

Productivity Tool Suppliers
Productivity Tool Suppliers areinstrumental to our ability to provide value-added services to develop and maintain advanced systems.

Consultants & Advisors
We maintain close relationships with industry experts and specialists to assist us to provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Software Application Suppliers
Software Application Suppliers allows us to work with world-class software packages for major companies in many markets.



It Takes a Team. Our Partners help us bring a team of experts together, working with a common set of goals to better serve our clients.

Added Value. They bring their focus and many years of experience and expertise. They work with us in raising the level of our services and giving us the vision of continued improvement.

Better Adaptation. Our Partners bring us their best ideas, their expert resources to allow us to respond quickly and effectively to the changing demands of the global IT marketplace.


Tilgent Professional Services


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