Tilgent Professional Services' mission is to provide the very best professionals
to support our client's most advanced technology development projects

Tilgent Pay Services is professional technical services company headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, serving the Tampa Bay and client projects throughout the North American market. We began in 2016 by providing professional staffing for clients building cloud based applications, operating in a high demand, continous availability environment.

We have continued to grow successfully through following certain values:

Attracting and Keeping Professionals. We seek to be the company that good IT professionals want to join
and stay for their career by providing them with the best working environment.


- Challenging Assignments
- Training and Coaching
- Income Advancements
- Individual Respect
- Team Comradery


Acting with Integrity. We act with integrity with our clients and their staff, our co-professionals, our partners
and service providers. Integrity is a distinguishing factor so closely associated with minimizing costly risks to clients, and us all.

Professional Competency. Our professional consultants bring their professional expertise and years of experience
to our client's assignments. We find competency depends on the values of quality, attention to details and commitment
to continuous improvement. Our responsibility is to create the professional environment and provide the support resources
to allow them to fully practice their competencies.

Exceeding Client Expectations. Many factors underlay the calculus of client expectations. We must communicate
effectively with our clients; and they with us. We must set reasonable client expectations; and they must agree.
And we must perform to meet expectations; do much to exceed expectations whenever possible. We find it critical
to take measure of this at the conclusion of each project.

Power of Team Players. We have found that in order to play at a high level, it takes a teamOur value added services,
our proprietary methods have, and will continue to be, the result of a team effort. Better and better results,
require a support team often behind the scene. Our administration team allow our professionals to focus
on the most productive work. We have become better and better at team development and team management.




Tilgent Professional Services


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